Lottery Frauds and How to Avoid Them

Ever wonder why the strategies of some lottery players work better than others?

I know I have. I think about it all the time and this is what I’ve concluded. Fortunately, it has been my pleasure to work with lottery players from around the world for over 25 years now and their ingenuity and creativity have always impressed me. They are typically very intelligent and savvy. But, even to this day, I still find myself asking the same question. Pengeluaran HK

Why are some lottery players more successful than others?

You would think that a lottery player’s intelligence would be an important part of the answer but that alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Perhaps it’s the lottery software program they use but, that’s not it. The amount of time they devote and their dedication isn’t it either. Neither is their creativity or ingenuity. You would think that there would have to be some common thread linking the success of the best players; some characteristic that they share or method that they use. And, you would be right; there is.

Lottery System for Lotto – Part 1

This is the one common themes that keeps recurring when discussing the most successful lottery players. They have a lottery system for playing the lotto. They keep very good records. That’s right. They write everything down. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t take very long. They simple write down what the various parts of their lottery strategy are for the next drawing. They record what decisions they made and why. It can all be done in a simple paragraph. Very simple, quick and easy. But, this is only part of the answer.

Lottery System for Lotto – Part 2

When I was a boy, my mother taught us that the meal wasn’t over until the dishes were done. A wise women. Although I don’t think I gave her credit at the time, in later years I came to appreciate her guidance. All of us could profit from such wisdom in everything we do.

The most successful lottery strategists must have parents just like mine because they know that the game isn’t over simply because the numbers were drawn. Now, it’s time to do the dishes. There is more work to do.

The serious lottery player, the successful lottery player, will evaluate the results by asking a series of questions. What was it about his lottery strategy that worked? What didn’t work? Why? If he had it to do over again, would he change anything or leave it the same? For many of you professionals out there, you will recognize this analysis technique by its more familiar name; Closing the Loop.

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